That’s Philips With One L…

dave p


Easily our favorite new song that we’re working on was built around a guitar part contributed by ex-Athenian/Liquor Cabinet guitarist David Philips who was in town visiting his Mom. Dave, for those few of you who don’t know, is a founding member of the Cabinet who now resides in Los Angeles. Dave has played with the likes of Tommy Stinson, Frank Black, and GBV and is just an all-around talented, cool guy. I had a little time to dig through the archives and came up with some tunes I wrote with Dave over the years, and this is the first installment: Dave1

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2 Responses to That’s Philips With One L…

  1. Dan Fults says:

    dave is the coolest, he hasn’t aged for years (he looks remarkatably like this pix) and doesn’t smoke anymore

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