Hey folks, sorry about the lack of posts and the general state of inertia that has befallen the blog of late…I’ve been a busy little bee writing new material and recording with Scott (and also doing some writing with the 5/8 boys) so I haven’t had much time to rifle through the archives for stuff to post. I’ve made some more vinyl acquisitions but haven’t spun anything yet. I’ve been thinking about scanning the Butthole Surfers comic I did after the Pete Buck ones and digging up moreĀ Bulk leftovers but just haven’t gotten around to it. I am, however, still above ground. For now.

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  1. Will says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Looking forward to hearing more Logan/Baxendale and Logan/Five-Eight in 2014 (or maybe before 2013 is out).

  2. Dan Fults says:

    you have been extra busy, how do we keep up with you. enjoy the rest, and have a good thanksgiving. we will be here when you open the flood gates again

    • jacklogan says:

      Hey Dan, hope your thanksgiving was good! I drank more than I ate which was a deeply flawed strategy, but I enjoyed it all despite myself. I should have time over Xmas to start throwing more stuff up here…

  3. bob n says:

    Jack – thanks for the posts and music! It’s been an interesting year.

  4. Karel says:

    Here, Jack, something to take the burden off of you (and give me a way of avoiding more pressing real work): http://thelastpunk.com/blog/?p=116

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