Cooking Up A New Record…

ChefLouie 2

That’s right peopleses, Mr. Scott and I, along with Ben Mize and John Mills, are cooking up new tracks for our next “album”! Since we still have Bones vinyl to liquidate it will most likely be a digital-only release. So far we have tons of demos to sort through and we continue to write new material at a steady clip so hopefully we will end up with a passel of bitchin’ sounds. We have one song almost complete that features the considerable talents of Liquor Cabinet guitarist “L.A. Dave” Philips and it’s a corker!

Sooooo, keep your eyes on the blogamadoodle for occasional updates and maybe even a sample…

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3 Responses to Cooking Up A New Record…

  1. Karel Minor says:


  2. Gilles says:

    Hey Jack.
    Tons of demos? It doesn’t look like you…
    Can’t wait!

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